Time for a paradigm shift

If you think that your business doesn’t attract enough traffic on the web, you should be alarmed about it. More and more people are buying on the web and this tendency will just increase. If you wait for the situation to change, it might be fatal to your business.

It’s time to change the situation by attracting more traffic to your website. How do you do this? There are many ways to do it but if your business has nothing to go viral with, you should use search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the act of influencing search engine results like Google for specific keywords related to the services or products that your business is offering.

This is great because according to a research, 53 % of leads click on the first organic result in Google! However, before investing in search engine, you should verify the efficacity of the agency you want to hire. If they can’t rank their own website, how do you expect them to rank well your website.

One of the best SEO agency in the world is Kotton Grammer media. This agency is so strong that he ranks for a lot of keywords like: “Chicago SEO”, “St-Louis SEO”, “Orlando SEO”, “New Orleans SEO”, “Tokyo SEO” and many others. This SEO agency performs so well that it’s the center of an international mastermind group where Kotton Grammer is the main coach.

Kotton Grammer has so many positive reviews from his clients and his colleagues that his expertise and results put his agency the very best in the world.

Is his agency the cheapest? Absolutely not and you have to invest according to your R.O.I. If you can’t afford his services, hire an SEO agency that will deliver results with a price which is more adapted to your budget. Kotton Grammer is a coach at OMG machine which is an online course on SEO. If you hire one of his students, you will get very similar results on a more moderate budget.

How many agencies does Kotton Grammer influence? He influences at the very least 600 SEO agencies in the world! Some people might say: “how do they survive if they fight each other for a number 1 in Google?” This question is legitimate but we have to remember that there are so many keywords in the world that the possibilities are almost limitless.

So in conclusion, if your business is presently bleeding from a lack of web traffic and leads,  the possibilities to change the situation are great. Are you ready for a significant change that could bring a lot of traffic to your website? Are you ready to change your situation? We are in a e-commerce era and SEO is king. You have the opportunity to work with great SEO agencies or posers. Do your due diligence to make sure that your investment will be the best you can make. Remember that we can’t solve a problem with the mindset that created the problem. It’s time for a paradigm shift!

What should you do to get more online leads for your business?

If you have a business and you want to have new online leads, you can use yellow pages like we used to do it when their phone book was the only way to do it. However, yellow pages is a tool that has lost a lot of it’s effectiveness due to competition, their bigger competitor is Google. In fact, you’ll need to use Google to find the yellow pages website because you probably don’t know their website domain by heart. If you do, you are impressive!

If you want to use another way to attract leads online, you can use Facebook ads. Theses ads work because the filters are strong and Facebook has a big database full of information written in the profiles. Facebook dark posts work even better because they are among Facebook user’s friends posts, so they don’t quite look at them like a formal ad. Since the Facebook user fits your ad filters, they are more likely to be interested by your ad. However, they weren’t looking for this ad so, it’s still an interruption marketing.

The best way to stand out on the web for your business is to appear when people are looking for your products and services. What do people use for that? Google! Some business owners want to take a shortcut by using Google Adwords.  The advantage of this ad method is that you will be on Google immediately. The disadvantages of this method are that: 1) your presence will be short term because if you stop paying, your presence is gone and 2)only 15 to 30 % of total searches attract clicks. The reason is that people don’t trust them as much as organic Google results.

The best advertising method for that matter is search engine optimization also know by the acronym SEO. SEO is a method of marketing where a SEO expert works on your business website so that it will rank very well in Google or Youtube. Of course, it will take more time to convince Google that your business website is worth being ranked high but when it will have this visibility, you will get a lot of leads because the people that will reach you will find you with specific keywords like for exemple: Chicago plumbing, Expert SEO Montreal, simultaneous translation Quebec and many more.

Search engine optimization will be one of the most important professional skills of 2017 as you can see in this video.


Strength and conditioning for sport performance

Sport performance

Some people say: “Practice sport to be in shape.” This is a way of thinking that is usually accepted by population. However, in sport performance, the adage is: “Be in shape to practice your sport.” How do professionnal and elite amateur athletes do to be in shape?

Be ready

They have a strength and conditioning coach who assess their physique and then decides with the sport coaches which physical quality should be trained and in which sequential order so that the athlete be ready for a specific competition.


Some people might think that it’s very simple to prepare a program for athletes because they are extremely in shape and they can do almost any training because of that.

A few questions to take in consideration

What they don’t know is that the strength and conditioning coach has to take a few things in consideration. Here are a few questions that he must ask himself and create the program accordingly.

-How old is the athlete?

-What is his or her objective in term of development?

-What sport and position does he or she play?

-What level of skills does he/she have?

-Is this athlete completely healthy?

-Where is the athlete in his/her competition calendar right now?

-Is he/she a starter or a back up?

-Does he/she have a lot of technico-tactical training for his/her sport?

-If so, how can we manage both so that the athlete responds well to the trainaing load?

-Does the athlete have other sources of stress (allostatic load) that might alter the response to the strength and conditioning and sport specifi trainings like (improper nutrition, lack of sleep, social conflicts, a heavy school schedule, etc.) ?

-Is the risk-reward of the exercises in the program fit the contextual aspects found in the previous questions for this athlete?

The art and science of strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning coaches have to take in consideration aspects that are related  to: sports physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, sports psychology and they also need to have the experience to match the science with the answers regarding contextual questions eneumerated above. This is the art part of it!

The best strength coaches

The best strength coaches are the one that ask the best questions and answer them before preparing a training program for their athletes. Here’s the link of the Youtbe channel of a great strength and conditioning firm that follow a lot of good athetes in Canada: https://www.youtube.com/user/FonctionsOptimum/about

Good decision making strategy

Quality of your life

The quality of your life is in direct correlation with your ability to communicate. The person with whom you communicate the most is: yourself throught your thoughts. Here’s a great video that covers how to improve your thoughts and thus your decision making process so that you will have better results.