What should you do to get more online leads for your business?

If you have a business and you want to have new online leads, you can use yellow pages like we used to do it when their phone book was the only way to do it. However, yellow pages is a tool that has lost a lot of it’s effectiveness due to competition, their bigger competitor is Google. In fact, you’ll need to use Google to find the yellow pages website because you probably don’t know their website domain by heart. If you do, you are impressive!

If you want to use another way to attract leads online, you can use Facebook ads. Theses ads work because the filters are strong and Facebook has a big database full of information written in the profiles. Facebook dark posts work even better because they are among Facebook user’s friends posts, so they don’t quite look at them like a formal ad. Since the Facebook user fits your ad filters, they are more likely to be interested by your ad. However, they weren’t looking for this ad so, it’s still an interruption marketing.

The best way to stand out on the web for your business is to appear when people are looking for your products and services. What do people use for that? Google! Some business owners want to take a shortcut by using Google Adwords.  The advantage of this ad method is that you will be on Google immediately. The disadvantages of this method are that: 1) your presence will be short term because if you stop paying, your presence is gone and 2)only 15 to 30 % of total searches attract clicks. The reason is that people don’t trust them as much as organic Google results.

The best advertising method for that matter is search engine optimization also know by the acronym SEO. SEO is a method of marketing where a SEO expert works on your business website so that it will rank very well in Google or Youtube. Of course, it will take more time to convince Google that your business website is worth being ranked high but when it will have this visibility, you will get a lot of leads because the people that will reach you will find you with specific keywords like for exemple: Chicago plumbing, Expert SEO Montreal, simultaneous translation Quebec and many more.

Search engine optimization will be one of the most important professional skills of 2017 as you can see in this video.